A Simple Smoothie Bowl

I always feel so much better when I start my day with fruit. No matter the type or how it is prepared, I can count on it boosting my energy. Now everyone I know is on the acai bandwagon, but up until recently I had never even tried anything containing it. My smoothie bowls have always been super simple, just a mix of various frozen fruit. The one below has banana, frozen strawberries, a couple of frozen blueberries and water. Easy peasy, right?



The Perfect Vegan Burrito Bowl

This here is one of my favourite quick and easy meals. It tastes delicious, requires minimal effort and is ready in minutes. It came about by accident when I was on a mission to recreate one of my favourite takeaway burritos. I had gotten all the ingredients prepped only to realise that I was missing a vital part, the wraps. Rather than wasting the food I put it all in a bowl and viola.

The best part about this meal is that it is so customisable. If you are out of one ingredient, you can normally substitute it for another pretty easily. For example, I would normally use kidney beans in this recipe, but when making the concoction pictured below I didn’t have any in my pantry. So instead I rinsed some Heinz baked beans and threw them into the dish – and it turned out just as great.



One tomato

Handful of sweetcorn

Handful of spinach

Half a tin of beans (any kind)

Half an avocado

Half a cup of rice (any kind)

Quarter cup of any tomato-based sauce

Quarter of an onion (any kind)

Salt and pepper to taste


Step One – Cook the rice. I use a rice cooker so I am not sure how long you would do it for if you were using a pan – sorry!

Step Two – Chop the onion into small slices and fry in pan on high heat until slightly brown (use a little bit or water/oil to stop it from sticking).

Step Three – Turn the heat down and drain the beans before adding them to the frying pan, along with the sweetcorn.

Step Four – Add the tomato-based sauce to the frying pan, mix the ingredients around a little before sprinkling some salt and pepper on top. You can add spice in here if you want.

Step Five – Chop the tomato up, however you want to, and then mash the avocado.

Step Six – Put all of the ingredients into a bowl. I normally section mine as pictured above,  but you can do it however you want. Eat and enjoy!